Love Me


Telling myself to forgive Mari and Steph
Because in all honesty they’re the only friends I left
Drunk calling Caity telling her she’s only one I miss
For the main fact that I know she’ll read this
Meanwhile Mari still can’t get over me
Meanwhile Steph has me drinking more lately
Telling her she’s the one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen
But truth be told I hate the fact she never says what she means
Writing drunk poems about the struggles of being V. Fall
Talking about how God never answers when I call
And here you thought I was the old me
Forgetting about my depression and how I text when I’m lonely
But girl you know I mean everything I say
Girl you know you’re the only who can make my day
The only question is will you fight for me
Do you love me enough to love even when I don’t love me

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