Witching Hour 2


Completely out of alcohol and tears
I guess we’ll just see what happens when all the smoke clears
Severe depression so severe it’s just funny now
Laughing through all the pain, don’t ask me why or how
I just don’t wanna fight anymore, I just wanna give up
Daydreaming about who I thought I’d be and how I don’t live up
Confessing all my insecurities to Steph like she’s the One
Telling the Good Lord I thought He was supposed to be good and I’m done
The next Kanye every time I speak up in class
They just don’t understand, they don’t know my past
They don’t know how The Lord didn’t let me die
They don’t know how I still don’t understand why
Like why keep me around for a life like this
Why not just let me go and be someone they don’t miss


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