The Schedule


Open a bottle, turn on that Drake and write about your sorrows
Reread it, send it, post it in case you’re not here tomorrow
Wake up in the morning, check your phone for the likes and stats
Send responses to classmates asking “where you at”
Get out of bed, take a shower, then get on your knees to pray
Confess all your sins, beg for protection and the time of day
Say amen, then get on the 45 bumping Kendrick the whole drive
Fantasize about lottery money and the end of the pain you keep inside
Get to school, pray you don’t get ticketed, and head to class
Show your art, listen to bullshit and tell them all to kiss your ass
Take a smoke break, flirt with upperclassmen and leave
Then hop back on the 45 and question everything you believe
Stop by the store, but some wine and go home
Charge your mod, pour a glass and write about being alone
Send drunk texts to a girl that’ll never want you and pass out
Wake up the next morning and ask God what this life is all about


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