Red Wine Dreams


“You’re so sweet”, see I’m not such a bad guy
Glasses of wine and drunk texts for days, no lie
From Steph to Mel to Caity to Giselle
So many confessions and lies I lost track and they still can’t tell
It’s nothing to brag about, it’s called severe depression
It’s called suicidal thoughts and drinking like it’s an obsession
I fell asleep on the floor by the bed last night
Didn’t wake up until it was way past daylight
Woke up just get up and fall asleep on the bed
Had a dream Step worked at Tout Suit
And Mari was letting graduation go to her head
Saw her in the fine arts building with Mariella later on that day
They were talking and smiling as they just faded away
I was left standing there alone
The last artist with no heart or place to call home


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