Witching Hour


Conversations and pianos play in the background
I’m faded and in love with the vibe and the sound
Unsatisfied with life, I just wanna talk to you
I just wanna tell you all my insecurities even though none of it is nothing new
Sending tipsy texts just to see if you’ll reply
Unwilling to take all the hints, I just think you’re special don’t ask me why
I’m just selfish, I just need love, I just need some attention
I’m just tired of being the last resort or honorable mention
I’m tired of getting responses just because you’re bored
I’m tired of wanting to take you on lunch dates I can’t currently afford
Been keeping to yourself lately for reasons I can only assume
But my intuition is never wrong, I know you just want some room
I know you just want some space
It’s written all over your tone and probably all over your face
All your responses sounding like I’m a burden or an obligation
I wonder how many times I’m the topic of conversation
I wonder who I am when you talk about me to yourself
Am I really your friend or just another guy you think needs some help
Saying I’m thinking about things way too hard
I mean maybe I am or maybe I’m just scarred


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