My latest confessions are drawing a lot of attention
And here I thought I was just another honorable mention
But I love speaking truth so I choose embrace it
Bringing all our issues to light just to force you to face it
It’s like you have a problem with love and affection
It’s like you don’t like what you see when you catch your reflection
I mean I loved you, I thought we were friends
But you didn’t even hesitate to never speak to me again
I mean you say you care but what am I supposed to think
So lost and confused I can’t help but text you when I drink
I won’t lie I’d love to see you everyday and take you on dates
But we’ll never get passed being acquainted at this rate
Afraid of leading me on, questioning my intentions
I respect you but don’t accept your decisions
Trying see over walls and get passed guards
Trust me, I get it, your heart is always something you should guard
But I’ve always just wanted to refer to as my “fam”
Loving you for you as you accept me for who I am


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