Thank you


I met you the other day for good conversation and drinks
Got a couple of pictures to show but it’s not what anyone thinks
Fell off last year due to hard feelings and miscommunication
Now all is forgiven, now it’s all love and admiration
Remember when we used to talk about indie movies and sex
Remember how I always talked about my ex
I used to wish you were next
Probably rolling your eyes as you read this
But this isn’t a drunk text, I actually mean this
Used to imagine our first date and kiss
Who would’ve thought you’d be someone I miss
But don’t worry, I know we’re just friends
Knowing us we’ll probably end up getting into it again
I don’t know why but I just really need you right now
I’ve gotten way worse and too drunk to remember how
That being said I don’t apologize for those late night texts every night
Something about that sarcasm I hate makes me feel like everything might be alright
I just wanna thank you for staying up long enough to be there
Nowadays it’s getting harder to believe anyone when they say they care


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