“Tell me how you really feel” Pt.1


Listening to Niggas With Attitudes and The Game
Trying to stay away from bitches that don’t think the same
Fake bitches that say you can trust them
Then turn on you every time there’s a problem
But I’m not the one I’m still from the ten
I’ll turn thug on you and dare you to try that shit again
I’m not your buddy I’m not your friend
I promise I’ll put all the bullshit to an end
I bet you’ll think twice next time
I bet you’ll remember this and change your mind
But really you’re apart of the problem
You’re just as bad as all the rest of them
Fake liberals and artists always feeling some type of way
Producing bullshit real niggas will never give the time of day
Like there’s not people starving and dying
And your over here all in your feelings crying
Like those kids in Africa give a fuck
Like anyone in Syria gives a fuck
Debating what’s art and what’s good
I’d shit can the lot of you if could
Claiming you’re an artist and your somebody
Just turn around and make some abstract bullshit for nobody
Treating this life and gift like a hobby
You’re all a joke you’re all a waste of time
But you know what it’s fine
If you open minded posers taught me anything
It’s that life is a birch and people aren’t who you think
And for that I say thank you
And as always fuck you


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