No happiness and no love
But all praises to The Holy One Above
Over two thousand poems in my archive
But I’m still here waiting to arrive
Competing with pretty faces that think they can write
People who have no idea what it’s like to have to drink every night
Then there’s the sorry excuse for the art world
A world that’s not that much different from our world
A bunch of lost souls with anxiety and insecurities
A bunch of abstract bullshit no one should ever see
Artists making art that’s the furthest thing from art
Then pitching it like it’s something they really made from the heart
Like they didn’t know that shit was just shit from the start
But if I say anything about it then I’m being judgmental
And if I debate it then I’m the one who’s probably going mental
If I had dollar for every time I was called closed minded or misogynistic
All for being brave enough to be transparent and realistic
Like you would really read any of this without the girl in the picture
Superficial beauty just to get your attention, go figure


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