Journal Entry #2


Why does everything come to an end. I blame time.
The only god almost as power as my God.
It slowly robs us of health and hope. Confining us to it’s power;
a timeless power contrary to its namesake.
No matter the discovery of new technology there is no resisting it’s will.
Related to two other gods who never get enough; Death and the Grave.
Against one we might survive but given all three we truly have no hope.
Completely oblivious to their overall will until it’s too late.
You’d think we’d be more mindful given all the faces missing from the earth.
But no, we constantly distract ourselves with temporary things like entertainment and conditional love.
We willing allow ourselves to believe Beauty and Wealthy are the most important gods.
Two things we might obtain but will never keep.
So vulnerable and fragile yet we walk around so prideful and haughty.
Our fates eager and able to remind us of our mortality at any second.
We truly are a foolish and pointless existence.


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