Trying my best to get you off my mind
But nowadays good girls are just so hard to find
But there you were in front of me in line
Smiling at me making me wish you were mine
Who knew I’d find someone like you at the grocery store
Dropping all your spare change on the floor
Counting it all twice swearing to the cashier you had more
I didn’t wanna say anything but you were just too fine to ignore
So I hand the cashier the difference and tell you it’s alright
You try to refuse my help and put up a fight
I say I insist and you finally give in
Then you take your bags and say thank you again
A few minutes later you approach me in the parking lot
You tell me how much you appreciated what I did
You say it really meant a lot
I tell It’s it’s no big deal then you tell me your name
I tell you mine and every since then nothing has been the same


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