This is for “you”


Met you in North Little Rock
Back when I was into indie rock
We were coworkers at Old Chicago
That place were all the Pentecostals go
But we were far from christians
I was dealing with depression
And you were dealing obsession
With a guy you’re still married too
But honestly he’s never been good enough for you
I Know you hate when I talk like that
But you know it’s too true to take back
You know you’ve done all you can do
You know I’m probably better for you
Reddish brown hair with blue eyes
I bet you’re even prettier when you cry
Hated when I talked about how much I wanted to die
The only friend that answered and made an effort to try
I still remember the day I saw you
Took one look and feel in love with you
And I still the feel the same till this day
Even though I know I’ll never get my way
You’ll never love me but you still stay
Just the thought of you still makes my day


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