Tension and vape all in the air
But I’m too faded to care
Talking about all your feelings and issues
Like life is supposed to be fair
Taking everything to the head
Mixing juice with champagne
Talking about your goals and the past
You’ve been in a lot of pain
In love with my style and vibe
You just wanna ride my wave
But you’re friends told me about you
You don’t know how to behave
You’re too far gone to save
And I just don’t have to the time
To convince you to me be mine
I mean you’re fine
But that’s not enough to be mine
I mean you’re cute and everything
But I’m too old for all that
Nowadays looks don’t mean a thing
Chugging everything on the shelf
Hit me up when you can finally be real with yourself


2 thoughts on “Waste”

  1. I really want to know, what inspires you? How do you come up with these stuff? Because they are mindblowingly impressive.

    1. Honestly a mixture of alcohol and real life situations. I sincerely glad your impressed though. That compliment goes far for me. I kind of feel like the kid cudi of the poetry. Completely overlooked and under appreciated. Your comments are a true blessing.

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