The Night Shift


Waiting for the credit like it’s passed due
Give a fuck about her and give a fuck about you
I just want all the money and fame
I just want a girl who’ll feel the same
Somebody who’ll accept me for me
Somebody who’ll love me for me
Daydreaming about Nadia and Katie
Trying to get over all the issues they gave me
Thinking about Carly and Arely
Hoping they finally got over what I said and forgave me
Drinking for all my mistakes and pain
You know that vodka and champagne
Trying my best to stay sane
But it’s pointless “like tears in the rain”
Listening to The Weekend and Drake
Reflecting on the day I took more than I could take
Thinking about how many times I should’ve died
Wondering who would’ve cried if I had died


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