Ignoring texts from fake friends
I swear the bullshit never ends
I swear I’ll never trust again
I swear she’ll have to be perfect before I let her in
But looking at girls nowadays it’s not likely
Give a fuck about rather or not you like me
Coming live from the screw town
Shoutout to Luke for always holding it down
And Caity for always wearing a crown
Swear I don’t know where I’d be if she wasn’t around
Praying for Breanna and Kelsi
Two girls who never know who they wanna be
Mari on the other line like wake up
Mel all in my messages trying to make up
Back in the back room writing the truth
Poems read out loud sound like I’ve been in the booth
A singer and rapper on paper
I’m sorry, I’m faded, I’ll get back to you later


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