Fall in the Winter


Went from waking up next to Katie
To Mari telling me how much she hates me
Told Arely I haven’t been myself lately
Just to hear silence followed with a “I’m not ready”
And she wonders why I’ll never trust anyone
Let alone call some girl the one
I’m good, just give me all the money fame
Just say Valentine’s Fall when you say my name
Started off as a persona then became real
Now I’m really that guy, I don’t care how you feel
Drinking way too much daydreaming about the day die
Would you be sad, would you cry
Tell me the truth don’t lie
It’s just something I’ve been thinking about
Don’t ask me why
Dreams finally starting to come true
Except for all the ones where I’m in love with you
It’s so sad, you were supposed to be the one
But I just can’t bring myself to forgive all the shit you’ve done
So tired of putting it all the art
I just wish you would apologize and ask for a fresh start
But maybe it just wasn’t meant to be
Maybe you were never good enough for me


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