Beauty Beyond the Bullshit


So done with all the fake friends and girls
People who treat their issues like the end of the world
Friends like Beauty Beyond Bones
Girls who love talking about how much they’ve grown
Just a bunch of fake kindness and cliches
Just a bunch of christians with satanic ways
Xo and compliments at the end of every comment
Like I don’t l know what you really meant
Acting like my confidant and friend
Just to ignore me and apologize again
Girls like Steph and Melissa
Got me on some Drake shit
“Girl I love ya but i don’t miss ya”
Friends like Mair and Arely
Talking about how different they are
Just to get expose for being exactly how other girls are
And my brother wonders why I give two shits about love
Only concerned Valentine’s Fall
I’ll never get enough
Up late waiting for Caity to call
Still slinging watches at the mall
Just something to hold me over while I write about having it all


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