Topic of Conversation


Got girls checking the blog for their name
Harboring hard feelings like they’re not to blame
Convinced that all my poems are about them
Like if the shoe fits it’s somehow my problem
So done with these early twenties
Just give me all the fame and money
And maybe an older woman who’ll love me
Someone who just can’t get enough of me
Done with all the dysfunction and attitude
I mean you’re cute but you ain’t that cute
I mean I’m not trying to be rude
I’ve just been drinking and I’m not really in the mood
For the fact that you have issues and just turned twenty
Always talking about how you’re just not ready
Like you’re really that special
Like I don’t only want you when I’m seeing double
It’s nothing personal I just wanted you to know
That I could give two shits about rather or not you stay or go
Blank looks all over your face every time I put you in your place
Glaring at me hard, how that salt taste
How does it feel to let all those good looks go to waste


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