Fake Kindness


Writer’s block got me drinking more and more
I don’t know who I am anymore
I tried to tell you ’cause you said you’d listen
Then when shit got real you went missin’
The same person who always swears she’s being real
The same person who always looking for validation on how she feels
Apologizing for the brutal I just sent
But honestly I said exactly what I meant
Just take a moment to be honest with yourself
I know I have issues but I’m at least I’m real with myself

And then there’s you
The only other person I’ve opened up to
I hate that you’re so hard to hate
I hate that I think you’re so great
Completely in love with the way you smile
I haven’t laughed this hard in a while
But to no avail but maybe it’s too early to tell
But knowing me I’ll probably fail
to get your attention and care
But then again life isn’t fair
You say you’re not ready to take a chance
The same old song and dance
But I can’t blame you
I’m not ready either
When it comes to happiness or joy
I choose neither
It’s nothing personal I just feel so lost
Had an interesting past and now I’m paying the cost
Or the price
Christians saying we only live twice
But what if God isn’t so nice
What if I end up in Hell
What if my story isn’t remembered long enough to tell


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