Still trying not to drink every night
Still pretending that I’m alright
Still looking for inspiration to write
Still convinced that I’m always right
Trying to play off my interest in Arely
Ignoring all the advice fake friends gave me
Welcome to the Wild West
Welcome to Valentine’s Fall aka The Best
Stephanie still acting like she’s not racist
Still calling us her black friends
Institutionalized racism at its finest
Forever harboring hard feelings for white girls
Dumb bitches who swear they deserve the world
Bitch please
Like you don’t spend most of your time of your knees
Like you’re not just looking for someone who can supply your needs
In class listening to Mariella talk shit
Even though all her work is as good as shit
I won’t lie I still think about Carly
She’s just so perfect
Way too fucking good for me
I pray the lord my soul to keep
‘Cause lately it’s been hard to sleep
Eager for fame and cars I can’t afford not to lease
What my mind wouldn’t do for some peace


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