Saw you on the first day of class
Didn’t know your name and didn’t bother to ask
Partially because I was in love the bottle on the shelf
But now you got me questioning myself
Got me writing about you, yeah it’s true
But I promise it’s not all about you
No response to the message I sent
Questioning my words and what you think I meant
But I promise I’ve always thought you were different
Got you and others swearing and down
That the poems are about y’all
But real with yourself, how does that sound
Why I would offend you if I wanted you stick around
Don’t get me wrong. if the stars don’t align
Or if you ignore my sign
I promise there’s no hard feelings, I’ll be fine
Wrote about another girl way back in the day
I never told her and she passed away
One of the reasons why I’m too ashamed to pray
But I really want you stay
So I told you and hoped for the best
Took a chance instead of putting my feelings to rest
I still don’t believe in love or finding the one
Especially after everything I’ve done
Please don’t tell anyone
I just thought I’d take a chance
Despite the same ole song and dance
Please just have some patience with me
I haven’t been myself lately


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