Arely Pt.2

I wanna be real so let me tell you how I feel
Despite the fact that I always get the bad end of the deal
Always saw love as something you felt but was never real
And hearts as something you either broke or made an effort to steal
But I never thought about you in that way
Always making conversation just to get you stay
Asked God about you even though I don’t pray
I just don’t want this feeling to go away
Even if you don’t know what to say
Please say something
Even if it’s that you don’t wanna say anything
I mean it’s not like I love you or bout a ring
I mean it’s not like I’m writing love songs to sing
I just wanna know what this interest means
I just wanna know if I should call this a dream
But regardless of which way the scale leans
I just wanna apologize for everything
All the poems you thought you were about you
All the rhymes that sounded so true
Valentine’s Fall is something else
Like I said, I haven’t been myself


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