Untitled 19

My conscience and convictions are back again
Saying I used to be such a good Christian
God saying we used to be such good friends
Now I’m over here wishing my life would end
Caught between three different people
The one that hates myself
The one you know as V. Fall
And the one drinking everything on the shelf
Falling for all the wrong women
The ones that just wanna get drunk and sin
But really I need an Arely
A better version of Katie
Somebody who’ll accept me for me
I remember when I was the nice guy
The guy who never swore or told a lie
Now it’s fuck you every and all day
I’ve completely lost my way
Demons and the dark are starting feel like home
Swear I just wanna sell my soul so they’ll finally leave me alone
On the side of the highway to Hell
I don’t know how long I’ve been walking
It’s getting too hot tell
But me God having been talking
What I wouldn’t do for an exit or turnaround
He says He loves me and wants me back
But I’m already halfway in the ground
Everything is turning black


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