“It’s art”


Having conversations about aspirations
Poems sounding like over-exaggerations
I just want the credit and admiration
For all the heartbreaks and complications
But in this society I’ll probably never get it
It’s so depressing some days I just wanna say forget it
Because nowadays everything is considered art
Just as long as it looks or sounds like it’s from the heart
As a result the value of the real artists has dropped
So much so all of them have just stopped
Or adjusted their work to the times
A waste of their talents and beautiful minds
Meanwhile all the praise goes to the fake artists
I hate those artists
Those art is subjective artists
Those self proclaimed introspective artists
Those MFA academic artists
Professor so and so
People who couldn’t make good art if they tried they’re hardest
Those BFA block class artists
One time for the my shit is dope kiss my ass artists
Those are the real ones
The ones who have to die to get praise for what they’ve done


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