Untitled 17

I’m not interested in commitment
And you love the being on the market
You love that I’m so different
You just wanna get drunk enough to forget
Everything you’re about to convince me to do
You’re determined to make me fall for you
So you make sure all your lies sound true
Unaware that when it comes to this
I’m far from new
But I play along
I love the way you move to the song
Everything about you is wrong
But the connection is just too strong
I join you on the dance floor
We don’t care who knows anymore
You smile and start to grind
What happens next is the only thing on my mind
We head back to your place
Seduction is written all over your face
We barely make it to the bed
Before you start giving me head
The next thing I know I’m inside
And you’re enjoying the ride
Just a couple of twenty somethings
Down for any and everything


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