The Trilogy

Glasses of vodka and OJ
The recipe is perfect
I haven’t been okay
But tonight it’ll all be worth it
Confessing all my feelings
Sharing all my secrets
I make you promise not to tell
I make you swear you’ll keep it
Far from the come down
All my fears come out
Far from who you thought I was
You find out what Valentine’s Fall is all about

Failures and insecurities
You try to comfort me
The room gets dark
You’ve never looked so pretty
The king of finding love in the Fall
But this isn’t about love at all
You don’t wanna be alone
And tonight I need a home
You make your move
I’m too far gone to resist
You take control
You’ve been missed

You push me back and get on top
I’m too weak to tell you to stop
I hate and love girls like you
I love you but I hate things you do
You tell me to relax
You make your lies sound like facts
Early twenties and lost
And I’m about to pay the cost
Mid twenties and perfect
But the furthest thing from worth it
You take me and everything you want
I give in for the hundredth time
The night ends on lie
I’m not yours and you’ll never be mine


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