Beauty Beyond the Surface


I know you voted for Trump but I don’t care
I didn’t vote at all just to be fair
I really love how you’re always there
But I really hate how I think about you everywhere
It’s more than attraction
It’s more than your kind words and fashion
Always the topic of my mind’s conversation
Always waiting for your response in anticipation
In love with how you’re a Christian
I’m sorry I’m getting carried away again
I’m sorry I know you just see me as a friend
But I think I’m falling for you again
They say opposites attract
They say true love can be a fact
So I guess it’s good that you’re white and I’m black
And I can’t help but be me and you love to act
So as far as I’m concerned you’re perfect
Even though I’m furthest thing from worth it
You’re a perfect fit
I’m sorry, I’m too much
I should quit


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