To the Church in San Antonio Pt.4


Nowadays everyone is involved with the community
So why am I your worst enemy
Why are you so bothered by my honesty
Why are you so reluctant to call me
Obviously someone’s lying
Obviously people are still dying
Passing out passive aggressive remarks
What happened to acting out of love
PSA from the Holy Above
“I want you to show mercy”
The furthest thing from worthy
I’ll admit it, I’m the furthest thing from perfect
I’m furthest thing from a good investment or worth it
But at least I’m honest about it
Willing to get in front of your church and shout it
But would you ever do the same
I doubt it
That’s what I’m here for
You had your chance now I have the floor
Issues just too juicy to ignore
Ready for you whatever you got and even more
Manic depressive so I’m not all there
But I’ve never been very understanding or fair
You call it reckless but I call it good art
You’d man up and call me if you were smart


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