To the Church in San Antonio Pt.3


A product of Brother Gad and Elder Moore
I know you don’t like me anymore
Still waiting for you to respond or call
But you don’t really wanna see Valentine’s Fall
Not intimidated by what you think you know or your title
Say what you want but in my book you’re still idle
And please don’t tell me you were too busy
Nothing goes on there, you forget I’m from that city
You want a face to face and I agree
But are you ready for the brutal truth and honesty
On social media becoming the topic of conversation
Said what I meant and meant what I said
No exaggeration
Welcome to the real Joshua generations
Could careless about your half assed confessions
Calling Christians like you out is my obsession
I’ll admit when it comes the to the truth I’m a little possessive
Not to mention manic depressive
So I’m a little expressive


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