The Dog


Full of wisdom like a missing tooth
Mixing alcohol with the truth
Rhyming like I’m in a booth
Nicotine to stay sane
Vodka for the memories and pain
On the road to money and fame
Determined to make you regret overlooking my name
Meaning everything I say and saying everything I mean
Writing like a machine
Daydreaming about a second chance with my ex
Disappointing all the girls that thought they were next
Waiting on my goodnight text
Like your baby daddy isn’t ready to flex
Lost my virginity to my best friend’s ex
It’s a long story, insert the comma
The same dude that helped you tow the Honda
The same dude she got drunk with and looked into my eyes
The reason why I still apologize
I’m a dog, I know
Too ashamed to forget or show
Heard she recently got married
And was excited about the baby she carried
That must’ve been hard
You must still be scarred
Dating like you got over her
But I know you still think about y’all were
I know you still hate that we hooked up
If it’s too much I’ll shut up


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