The First


Praying for wealth and health
But first I should probably love myself
Or maybe go get some help
If you see God tell Him I need some help
And ask Him about my destiny and fate
Ask Him about who I should date
Ask Him if it’s too late
Ask Him if I’m too bad to rate
Still got love for one of my exes
Heard she recently moved to Texas
All in her inbox like we should catch up
But she got her shit together
and I’m still trying to catch up
My friends think I’m crazy but I don’t care
It’s not like any of them were ever there
It’s not like long distance is fair
I just want another chance
With my first kiss and dance
With I love couldn’t explain
What you know about heartbreak and pain
Smoking to say sane
Drinking until I can’t say my name
Who’s to blame
What I wouldn’t do for true love
with someone who feels the same

3 thoughts on “The First”

    1. Thank you. That means a lot. I keep hearing my stuff songs like songs. I don’t mind being a song writer but I wouldn’t even know where to start with that. Lol

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