The King Pt. 2


Still struggling to better myself
Still drinking everything on the shelf
Still begging God for help
Please help
Telling God to just let me make it
I’m tired of drinking and faking it
Trying to convince Him to just let me quit
Thinking about life and how I just don’t fit
One voice like, “You don’t even try”
Another one like, “You wrote 1,600 poems but why”
“Maybe you should break down and cry”
“Maybe you should just give up and die”
“You’re a piece of shit and you know it”
“Another entitled nigga and you show it”
“You deserve to die, just quit”
“A coffin six feet deep is exactly what you get”
Just a few things that go through my mind
Just a little confession I hope you don’t mind
Just another nigga addicted to pain and rhyme
Truth be told just another waste of time

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