Dumb Girls, The Finale


Black Girls still all about being loud with attitude
Knowing good and well we ain’t in the mood
Straight ignorant and rude
And you wonder why you can’t find a dude
Always talking bad about white girls
Bitter “cause no one wants to give you the world
Only good for a baby daddy issues and bad word
All the white girls like “Word!”
Always swearing up an down that you’re right
Acting just like you’re white
Only interested in dudes that’ll call you a bitch
Or a dude that looks like he’s rich
A good education is what you really need
Wrote it all down just to see if you could read
For everyone black, white, and mixed
I hope you’re all offended
Only good for problems that can’t be fixed
I hope you all know I meant it


10 thoughts on “Dumb Girls, The Finale

      1. Says the video doesn’t exist but I’m guessing it’s sound James Brown type stuff. Lol

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