The Issues


Liquor stores on every corner
All my brothers best friends with the coroner
Or better yet prison and jail
Or better better yet Heaven and Hell
The say this is the greatest country
But my people can’t tell
Side note, let’s talk about these girls
Let’s talk about how “p*ssy run the world”
Let’s talk about those brunettes and blondes
Let’s talk about that light skin that did me wrong
The same old story and song
All their track records questionable and long
All this blue lives matter
Aka shoot first and ask questions after
All this black lives matter
Aka drink and smoke to live happily after
I just pray nothing ever happens to me
I just drink till it’s hard to see
On the road to who I’m supposed be
Full of the truth but far from free
Considering learning rocket science
To solve the equation of choosing love over violence
Now for a moment of silence


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