The room full of prayers and fog
I’ve been talking to God
Forgiveness for all my sins
I just hope He spares the rod
Alcohol and memories in my system
My dad like, “Don’t worry about them”
Alive on a phone call and a whim
I like it straight, no salt on the rim
Thirty plus pills, I was determined to die
Been suffering too long to cry
Constantly asking myself why
I think about trying again, I won’t lie
All my poems rated R
I still can’t hide the scar
I still drink until I go too far
Been hurt too much to care
Telling God none of this is fair
Sometimes it feels like He’s not even there
Determined to be left alone
Writing all my feelings in my phone
I’ll pour up all my thoughts when I get home
I sincerely hope you can’t relate
As for me just pray it’s not too late
Losing track of the days and date
At this rate I don’t wanna think about my fate


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