The Visit


A couple of glasses in and the room spinning
Sitting on the bed grinning
Tonight you have every intention of winning
Completely gone, I’m no longer in the mood
Not talking much, I’m not trying to be rude
Trying your best to keep me awake
But I’m in no condition to give or take
On top of me talking dirty
It’s about twelve-thirty
Nauseous and staring at the ceiling
Right now nothing is appealing
Not impressed by anything you’re revealing
I honestly just wanna pass out
Not listening to anything you’re talking about
I would’ve been just fine holding you and falling asleep
My thoughts are getting emotional and deep
I’m quickly fading away
I don’t want you to stop but I don’t want you to stay
I can’t believe I’m letting your get your way
Soon you take what you came for
I’ll never be as innocent as before

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