It’s been an honor and a pleasure


Waiting around for you to answer my question
I think I just learned a valuable lesson
Never let your guard down, never let them in
Never give them a chance to try again
I wanted you to be different so bad
Liked you like you were the first crush I ever had
Causing me the same pain you’re suffering from
It’s all just so silly and dumb
The same reason why the girls I knew went from a lot to some
Times are hard, I understand, I get it
But what does that have to with being honest
You should really try opening up a bit
You were so perfect, but I don’t have time for this
No hard feelings as I distance myself from you
I wish you the best and pray it comes true


38 thoughts on “It’s been an honor and a pleasure

    • Thank you for saying that. I love when people can relate. Makes me feel like this is type of stuff I’m supposed to be writing.

      • Thank y o u for your poetry. Being able to read relatable poems makes a person feel like they’re not going crazy, like they’re not alone. Keep writing.

      • I was actually gonna say, I’m glad I’m not alone. Lol You should keep writing too. You’re good. Foreal.

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