It’s been an honor and a pleasure


Waiting around for you to answer my question
I think I just learned a valuable lesson
Never let your guard down, never let them in
Never give them a chance to try again
I wanted you to be different so bad
Liked you like you were the first crush I ever had
Causing me the same pain you’re suffering from
It’s all just so silly and dumb
The same reason why the girls I knew went from a lot to some
Times are hard, I understand, I get it
But what does that have to with being honest
You should really try opening up a bit
You were so perfect, but I don’t have time for this
No hard feelings as I distance myself from you
I wish you the best and pray it comes true


38 thoughts on “It’s been an honor and a pleasure

    1. Thank you for saying that. I love when people can relate. Makes me feel like this is type of stuff I’m supposed to be writing.

      1. Thank y o u for your poetry. Being able to read relatable poems makes a person feel like they’re not going crazy, like they’re not alone. Keep writing.

      2. I was actually gonna say, I’m glad I’m not alone. Lol You should keep writing too. You’re good. Foreal.

      1. Perfect! Lol I don’t know who follows who on here so I didn’t wanna put your name. I’m really glad you liked it though. I really do appreciate all your support and attention. You also make a good muse.

      2. Lol, well, the name G worked perfectly! And you’re welcome, you know I gotta support my fellow creative souls. You post often so I enjoy reading everything you write. I always look forward to it.

      3. Lol, I know, I know! I’ve been really busy trying to figure out my life. But I know once I start writing again, I’ll have a lot to express forsure.

      4. And that’s not really an excuse: I’ve been trying to figure out my life my whole life. Lol!!!

      5. Lmao, that’s hella true. I’ll have to set aside time for it like I used to. I’m sorry I’m not as cool as you, posting constantly, lol ;p

      6. Posting constantly doesn’t make me cool just hella depressed. Lol But yes you should, I really like your work. I literally go check your blog to see if there’s anything new.

      7. Well, if that’s the case I should be posting as much as you right about now. But I’ve been through a lot since the last time I posted and still going through it so it should make for some great art. I’ll let you know when I post something new!

      8. Lol It was supposed to go along with the “I’m glad I have at least one real fan” you responded too fast though. Lol

      9. Because you are actually really pretty so it’s probably not the first time you’ve been told something like that. Which means it probably doesn’t mean that much to you even though I really meant it. Lol

      1. Well that’s inordinate. I really wanted to talk to you some more. Guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Lol chrisofwords

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