Shake It Off


These girls acting like this Texas weather, unpredictable
You thought it was about you, how predictable
Poems all subliminal like a diss track
Please stop acting like all your assumptions are fact
I’m just trying to write about life for my generation
Please stop with the drama, it’s breaking my concentration
You’re better than that, please stop acting average
You’re way too good for him, you should go savage
You got it girl, you’re the one
I don’t care what they say or what they’ve done
Apologizing for all your misconceptions
You should really change your perception
Way too pretty for all these bad days
Beautiful inside and out, it goes both ways
Don’t let their bad day ruin yours
Treat your heart like house, hurry and lock the door
You got got it girl, don’t let them tell you otherwise
I can read it in your words and see it in your eyes
An order of good girl with a side of amazing
Please just take my word for it
Just ignore all the negative thoughts
Please don’t take their word for it


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