No Response


I hate the taste but love the feeling
Had way too much, now it feels like I’m dreaming
Thanking God for the cards He’s been dealing
Girls I know on IG being a little too revealing
Worried about the future but stuck in the past
Baby I honestly don’t we’re gonna last
Been testing you the whole time and you didn’t pass
Heard you’ve been losing your way and getting trashed
Always acting like you didn’t get my text
The girl I only wanted ’cause she was next
Remember you’re never too pretty to get replaced
Let’s see how you feel when you come in second place


9 thoughts on “No Response

    1. That truly and sincerely scares me and makes me sad. I hope you’re doing better now. If you’re not I’m here to listen or talk if you want. There’s no hard feelings. That whole situation was petty and immature. It’d be nice if we could just put it all behind us. I’d much rather be your friend and be there for you.

      1. Yeah I’m doing a bit better. I’ve only been out of the hospital for a day. But things should get better once I start working and stuff again. And yeah I agree. It was petty and unnecessary. I appreciate you caring and reaching out.

      2. You were in the hospital!? Brittney! No! Why!? I had feeling something was wrong. You were writing consistently then you just stopped after that one post. I don’t know to feel about this. Please promise me you’ll never do that again. Please.

      3. Yes I was in the hospital. Mostly because of my stupidity of telling someone how I felt and them reporting me. I was in the hospital for 5 days that’s why I couldn’t write. I wasn’t allowed to have my phone. And I’d like to promise that, but idk. It was a failed attempt. I don’t have the guts is the issue. I can’t say I still won’t a year from now.

      4. Please unblock me. I don’t wanna talk about this here. No one needs to know your business, especially not this.

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