Up way too late again
6 a.m. is gonna come quick
Trying my best to be a good Christian
Haunted by the all the good decisions I didn’t pick
Daydreaming about the day I forget
Praying for the day the demons bothering me quit
Writing about my ex’s and the scars they left
It’s been years but it’s still hard for me to accept
Sensitive about all the race issues
I’m real quick to call someone racists
Sub-conscientiously always looking for clues
I admit I’m stereotype and I hate it
Anxious for the weekend
I’m fine by myself I don’t need a girlfriend
Listening to Echoes Of Silence
Mixing different bottles like its some type of science
Forget the club, we turn up at home
A couple of glasses and I’ll wanna be left alone
Writing down all my thoughts while the room is spinning
All my demons over in the corner grinning


11 thoughts on “Influence

  1. love this! I know this feeling… your poetry captures some serious raw emotions…I think you are becoming one of my favs! 🙂

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