Conversations about poetry and nothing
It’s just nice to talk to someone who can relate to something
Two lost souls up for anything
I can’t remember the last time I wanted to tell someone everything
Complete strangers at best
But for some reason I don’t mind
Bits and pieces of your story, I’m interested in hearing the rest
But I know that type of trust takes time
Sometimes I guess strangers really do make good friends
Hoping the conversation never ends
An interest and attraction I can’t seem to understand
And the best part is none of it was planned


18 thoughts on “Comments

      1. I’m very observant, sometimes. At least now I can say I’ve been somebody’s inspiration to write 🙈 especially a talented soon to be famous one! Hehe

      2. Lol That’s cute. You flatter me too much though. I’m no more impressive or amazing than you are.

      3. I’m 23. And yourself? I imagine what I do is going to follow so I’ll go ahead and tell you that as well. I recently decided to go back to school and finish my degree so I’m technically in college.

      4. Yeah, the whole 7.25-10 dollars an hour wasn’t exactly something I wanted to keep doing so I decided to just go back and finish. I’m actually taking courses this summer. I have like two years left though. It’s kind of depressing… What’s your major?

      5. I understand! I’m a full time student, plus I have two jobs. I work a lot, perhaps too much for not nearly enough money, but that’s life. And, as of right now I go for interpersonal communications (whatever that means) it wasn’t by any means what I really wanted to do, I was just running out of time and needed to pick something fast, so that’s where I’m at as of now. What about you?

      6. Wow. That’s a lot stuff to have on your plate. Are you paying for college by yourself or something? Why do you work so much? I’m a photography/digital media major. I guess you could say I’m an artist all the way. I always tell people I’m good at three things; poetry, photography and the bible. I was expecting you to be a English creative writing major. If you could pick what would you wanna go to school for?

      7. It is a lot… sometimes I don’t even know if I’m doing the right thing. But school wise, I use grants and loans, so for right now I’m okay… However after school I’m gonna be over my head in debt, I’m not too thrilled for it. As for you, that’s awesome! Look at you go 🙂

      8. In regards to what I would wanna go for, I wanted to do teaching. Perhaps college level and focus on literature and writing… However I’ve had some obstacles in which prevented me from achieving that… So for right now I’m trying to figure everything out

      9. It’s all good. So am I. I’m back in school but I’m also 23. I was supposed to graduate this year but I still have two years left. Sometimes life just doesn’t go according to plan. It’s depressing but we just gotta keep pushing. So you’re not alone. But hey, it makes for some good poetry and writing.

      10. Yeah. I feel ya there. I thought about taking a semester off to try and figure things out. I just hate being so confused. But your right, I think in any case pain makes for good art in general.

      11. If you really need to then do that but if you can help it don’t. Doing that is how ended up in this situation. May ask what’s been going on though? What happened?

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