Your fault


Suffering from a lack of confidence and depression
Something you’d never guess on first impression
Addicted to judging myself and self-reflection
But I’m still the furthest thing from good or perfection
I’d like to thank everyone who never responds
People who get offended when I don’t call them my friend
Breaking all ties and bonds
Sometimes I just wish it all would end
Thinking about how no one wants to be a bad person
Comparing it to all the people that actually take the time to listen
Pretty smiles and a whole lot “I love Jesus'”
Sometimes I wonder how He really feels about us


7 thoughts on “Your fault

  1. Jesus understands, we all have given in to our imperfections? Instead of trying harder for the real prize? Truth of poetry can hurt others just by feeling the writers own pain. Bless your heart! So many readers will relate to your truths!

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