“I’m not racist but”


Suffering from hurt and hard feelings
All my white friends are still the same
Constantly questioning rather or not I’m dreaming
Cops and white people saying we’re to blame
History repeating itself in my country
Meanwhile I write about love and being lonely
White girls we’ve met before don’t even bother to say “Hi”
Until confronted about how they act and why
Then it’s every excuse we’ve heard before
But somehow racism doesn’t exist anymore
Wounds heal but scars are permanent
But we refuse to get hurt again
Doing what we can to numb the pain and still pay rent
It sounds bad but I swear we’re all Christian
Not to mention they put most liquor stores in the hood
Not to mention those politicians you voted for aren’t good
So what else are we supposed to do
It’s like you want us to do well and live like you


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