Warm Heart, Cold Love


Listening to The Weeknd thinking about “the life”
Like a condo in a high rise and a beautiful wife
But maybe not a wife ‘cause I have trust issues
A girlfriend is fine just in case there’s an issue
Everything I’d have to win the lottery to afford
Because I’ve never met a pretty girl who wasn’t materialistic
It’s always, “I wanna go out. I’m bored”
All who disagree just aren’t being realistic
A generation based on being superficial and cold
In a society that says money is power and do what you’re told
A skeptic and cynic to the last
You blame it on my ignorance but I blame it on my past
Ever had your heart and your soul broken
Ever got written off and judge for being open
Abel in my ears like, “They told me not to fall in love. That sh*t is pointless”
The best advice you can get nowadays if we’re all being honest


7 thoughts on “Warm Heart, Cold Love

  1. Past experiences do not define the future. Give it time, and don’t lose hope. I know it’s a lot for me say with all of my own sad posts about recent heartbreak. But we’ll find these things are only temporary

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