This Week


Reporting live from the country divided by race
Our lives constantly on the line because of the color of our face
All the white people in Dallas complaining the hate
All black people like, “You’re five lives too late”
God bless their souls, they didn’t deserve that
But neither did Philando and Alton, where’s your apology for that
Everyone on social media talking reckless
Spreading hate they have no intention of taking back
Politicians and the wealthy discussing our fate over breakfast
What I wouldn’t do for a leader who’s completely selfless
Scared for my life every time I got to the grocery store
Constantly collecting stares I’d do anything not to notice anymore
Begging God for help loving my neighbor as myself
Money and health problems for the bottle of JD on the shelf
Doing anything for the pain and stress
Trying my best to trust God and worry less


2 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I absolutely love this, speak of the pain. Speak of the injustice politics bring to it, speak of yourself. Speak, and you should be one voice more added to change

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