“Tell me how you really feel”


It’s always freedom of speech until you catch a conviction
It’s always fun and games until it becomes an addiction
Alcohol for the pain and sometimes for inspiration
It’s been a while since I met a girl who could hold a conversation
Praying for answers I know I might never get
Told my ex’s I forgive them but I’ll never forget
The past like that catchy song that gets stuck in your head
Guys at Tout Suite steady trying to take Mari to bed
She’s still the same; still acting like she doesn’t care
I remember when I would argue with her about cutting her hair
Now she’s just another girl I can’t help but ignore
Just another girl I have no reason to fight for
Amanda accepting all compliments and giving none in return
White girls down here walking around with tan lines and sunburn
Still waiting for the day Stephanie decides to be a real friend
Girls like her the reason why my single life might never come to an end
Complaining about girls and the latest in news
Role models charging kids 200 dollars for a pair of shoes
Blacks getting harassed by cops and going to prison
Politicians and Radical Islam building the tension
Terrorists’ attacks and mass shootings on the rise
A common theme in the hood so we’re not moved or surprised
Christians shaking their heads, preaching the end of days
The Good Lord on His way back to judge us for all our crooked ways


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