Meanwhile in America


Activists online calling this the summer of chaos
Blacks and Cops tense as they mourn their loss
Black Lives Matter versus Blue Lives Matter
Meanwhile the rich and wealthy live happily ever after
Running out of people willing to keep the Peace
Perfect for those radicals from the Middle East
Trump promising to build walls and send people back
The President giving whites the facts on being black
Clinton covering up dirt and promising lies
Trying my best to see things through Heavens eyes
All my white friends completely oblivious to the struggle
All my blacks friends more worried about status and money
And they wonder why we don’t get along anymore
And they wonder I’m quick to tell them they’re not cute or funny
Meditating on all my shortcomings and The Most High
Praying for love and asking Him why
Why He never tells me what I feel like I really need to know
Like what my purpose is or when it’s gonna be my turn to go


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