In Progress


My demons are back and they’re stronger than ever
“You’re fat and ugly” so cunning and clever
“You’re a piece of sh*t” when something falls through or goes wrong
Law enforcement got us thinking our lives won’t be that long
I just want to go back to the summer I spent with Katie
I’ve been thinking about her and Nadia a lot lately
Nowadays people don’t really care enough to listen
Meditation and prayer before I make a decision
One wrong move and it’s your life or your freedom
In Wednesday night service sharing every ounce of wisdom
Trying my best to give them some understanding and knowledge
The same dude taking seven years to graduate college
But something is always better nothing so it’s whatever
Eating healthy and working out, I’m getting better
In regular attendance when it comes to church and the gym
Give more a couple more weeks and all my shirts will be slim
Using all the larges and xl’s for workouts or to sleep in
Positive vibes making it harder for negative thoughts to creep in
The devil and demons trying cook up new plans use
But I’ve learned you only lose when you make it an option to choose


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