A couple of years ago


It’s Winter 2014 and I have a crush on Christina
My favorite rapper all in my speakers like “How bout now”
Thinking about better times and the last time I saw Tina
Back when Mari’s only reaction to my honesty was “Wow”
I’ll never forget the time Christina hit me up on messenger
But I was too young, I had no chance with her
Insecure about money, looks and lack thereof
The definition of the nicest guy you could think of
But no avail, it did me absolutely no good
Christina, fresh out of her relationship, stop responding
Doing everything Mari said and whatever I could
But she’d moved on, it was meant to be
I’ll probably never forget that Winter
The time when the ice couldn’t have been any thinner
The time when it didn’t matter that I was 215 and black
The time I hated but would do anything to go back


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