Thursday Night in League City


What I wouldn’t do for a girl like Beauty Beyond Bones
Someone to call the one at a place I call home
Drinking for the pain I just wanna be left alone
Talking about scriptures you’d be surprised at how much I’ve grown
Heard one of my ex’s lives in Austin now
Heard the other one got married to a dude from Africa
Respect to those guys for closing in on the win
There’s a lot I’d do differently if I could do it all again
Talking about the past like it was my fault it ended
The consequence of being heart broken and unfriended
Trust issues for days, love is more of myth to me
Swearing up and down long-term relationships weren’t meant for me
But I won’t lie I got lonely sometimes
Especially down here where everyone has someone
Low-key looking for someone worth the effort and time
But nothing too serious ’cause chances are she isn’t the one


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